On this page are just some of the testimonials received from happy Coaching Tools Company clients. Also below you will find some of Emma-Louise's personal coaching practice client testimonials (where she developed and used the coaching forms on this website).

Testimonials from Coaches:

Luci Derbak

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible coaching materials. The comprehensive, detailed, well designed coaching programs and user guides are really helping me grow my coaching practice. These tools give me the direction I need to assist my clients in many different areas of life, and I would highly recommend your coaching materials to any coach interested in starting a coaching business.

- Luci Derbak - Business and Executive Coach Derbak Coaching

Finding Emma-Louise and The Coaching Tools Company in my early stages of coaching was life saving and more important - TIME saving! I wanted something I could make my own and yet, not have to reinvent the wheel. The Coaching Tools Company gave me exactly that! It offered me the tools and structure with the freedom to add my logo, color scheme and edit to my style of coaching. Whether you are just starting your coaching business or a seasoned coach looking for some fresh ideas, the many program choices and the Toolkit Guides are an amazing value!

- Gail Hermesch - Life & Business Strategist Go-All-In-Life
Ashirvad Lobo

Practical tools that can be used even in the spur of the moment. Helps me as a coach to really support my coachees with tools that are effective in helping them unlock their potential.

- Ashirvad Lobo - Coach
Marion Valster

I discovered The Coaching Tools Company.com about a year ago, and am very happy I did. The depth and breadth of available resources, combined with the ease of which you can brand these yourself, have made The Coaching Tools Company.com my number one go-to site for inspiration. Thanks for what you do!

- Marion Valster - Coach
Jimmy Kinnaird

What I love about the coaching tools company is the sincere way they actually want to help people be their best selves. The tools are not only practical but they give instructional ways to use them. Very creative. A fantastic value from the first moment.

- Jimmy Kinnaird
Elene Cafasso

I love that no matter what I need, you've got a solution or template to get me started!

- Elene Cafasso - Executive Coach Enerpace Executive Coaching
Dianne McKim

What I love the most about The Coaching Tools Company is their heart to help we coaches by providing as much as they possibly can. Thank you!

- Dianne Licht McKim - Women's Empowerment Life Coach Precious Stones
Becky Bordley

So many fantastic resources that I can easily customize for my own clients. It is my first port of call whenever I am after new ideas or resources 🙂

- Becky Bordley - Life Coach My Butterfly Theory
Cathrine Hansen

Coaching Tools Company has so much great stuff for coaches that when I first discovered the page I almost thought it was not for real! How amazing are all the templates you can download and exercises!! I have found NO-ONE yet that can even be compared to you. Amazing stuff that I hope will never go away.

- Cathrine Tveen Hansen - Life Coach Tveen Coaching
Don Roberts

The first thing I love about The Coaching Tools Company are the practical and informative articles and guest coaching professionals who provide incredible value, tips, insights, and motivation. Second, as a purchaser of some of the Coaching Tools, I love the high-quality, no fluff, practical and immediately applicable nature of the products. It doesn't hurt that some tools are occasionally are at no cost. Thanks, keep up the good work, and best wishes for continued success!

- Don Roberts

Testimonials From Clients:

My favourite thing was the booklet with thought-provoking  questions and the summary sheet to post as a  reminder! Awesome!

- Erica Dufra

Your exercises have been invaluable in me finding me! For the first time ever I found myself closing 2006 and opening 2007 with a new outlook and step in my pace. You are a true inspiration! Thank-you.

- Rav Gill
Rishel Tomlinson

I am extremely thankful to know Emma-Louise and strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to get the most out of life they possibly can! She has been a tremendous support both personally and professionally. Her tools are simple,   easy to use, and highly effective. What I like most about her coaching and her tools, is that I always walk away with an 'action plan' I can implement right away, from which I start seeing results almost immediately. Even though I  consider myself already 'happy' with my life, working with Emma-Louise inspires me to reach an even greater level of happiness and not settle for anything; she uncovers barriers and desires I didn't even realize I had. By inspiring  the child-like creativity and dreams inside each of us, her methods helped me break free of the 'daily-grind' and instead enjoy this 'adventure called life' as much as I possibly can!

- Rishel Tomlinson - Owner & Mortgage Broker at Custom Mortgages

While I was already experiencing a level of award winning success in my career and a fulfilled and satisfied personal life, Emma-Louise was able to help me hone in on things that were truly important to me. She caused me to think thoughts I had not before and to create action plans that were simple and effective. I especially loved her innovative worksheets, exercises and unique tools which helped me put the many thoughts and ideas swirling around in my head onto paper and then ultimately into action. I recommend Emma-Louise's coaching to anyone looking to achieve a greater level of excellence in their lives!

- Lori Bryan - Real Estate Marketing

About Our Newsletter - "The Launch Pad"

I'm so happy to have you in my mailbox, one of the best newsletters for coaches of all times. Thank you for your great job, i appreciate it a lot!

- Nikola Šraibová - Coach & Mentor Nikola Koučink

Thank you so much Emma-Louise. When I see an email from you in my inbox, I do so look forward to opening it - it's like receiving a communication from a wonderful friend. Your work is so helpful and inspiring. I find myself thinking bigger, bolder and boundless. 

- Rachel Schaming
Rhonda Richter

I love the way The Coaching Tools Company always comes up with awesome infographics and ideas that I am able to share with my clients. They often arrive with perfect timing for one or more of my clients! Thank you!

- Rhonda Richter - Certified Life Coach
Flavia Vincenzi

I just discovered your website and it is really A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Free stuff, coaching professionals with super-valuable tips, tools and a great newsletter that keeps me updated with your latest news and features. Great job, guys, I mean really unique!

- Flavia Vincenzi - Life & Family Coach UAU! Coaching

Thank you for putting together a truly inspiring and practically helpful newsletter every week.  I am able to use so much of the content in my coaching; as an exercise for a client, an idea for me to explore to improve the quality of my coaching, or relevant content and images for my Facebook group. Thank you again, I really appreciate your newsletters.

- Clair Pyle - Life Coach Clair Pyle

My confidence has grown considerably thanks to the excellent coaching tools and newsletter from The Coaching Tools Company. My Life Coaching business is seeing great results and thanks to The Coaching Tools Company I have a wide range of resources and tools to support my customers.

- Adrian Murtagh - Founder Just Smart Thinking

The Coaching Tools was an amazing and happy discovery I had this year. The simple but very creative and efficient tools that Emma offers here gave a new perspective to me personally and even more to my work.

I am very grateful for all the material she provides in her site and the articles in her blog. I know this is not a simple work to elaborate, so I congratulate her even more!

- Daniela Assunção - Hypnotherapist Café Com Coaching

Just to say a big thank you to you and to your team for your excellent service to us coaches through your provision of a very helpful and resource rich website.I have been able to implement many of the free resources and see them have positive impacts on moving my clients forward and moving me too – I enjoy trialing them first!

Your articles are not only informative but full of useful and "doable" practical tips.Your simple and effective Wheel of Life exercise helped me to think, plan and create an interactive workshop for a group of professional women whose feedback comments included feeling: "more inspired...focused…determined…gained clarity...excited for action"! Thanks for supporting this ACC coach over in Dubai, Middle East!

- Lisa Face - Coach, Mentor and Life Consultant Lisa Face

I'm a new coach and I wanted to say thank you for the Launchpad. It's been such a large part of my growth and development as a coach. I've purchased a couple of the value packs and have found the tools to be so helpful. Using the invoice template, the first invoice I sent out was simple! Your tools have allowed me to focus on my coaching rather than on developing forms and questionnaires.

- Cathey Flood - Personal Coach C Possibilities

Thank you so much for the freebies in this month's newsletter. Brilliant! Great content, links, fabulous quote - on a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 10

- Joan Bell - Life Coach 101

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